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Finished tournaments for real money with ganter

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Chess typeHilfeFinishedTournament nameStakes (real Money)Thinking timeHilfePlayerHilfeRoundsHilfeColorHilfesortZeitsortEinsatz
Details Normal chess2012-05-05 08:58:33BuchnerFs10.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves21?201205058583310
Details Dark Chess2012-03-05 19:12:41Raupers Dark Chess5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves21?201203051912415
Details Normal chess2012-04-04 17:10:29Raupers Revanche5.00Correspondence chess: 10 days for 10 moves21B201204041710295
Details Dark Chess2012-06-25 00:12:08Revanche5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves21W20120625012085
Details Dark Chess2012-09-14 18:39:06ganters10.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves21?2012091418390610
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