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Finished tournaments for playmoney with Aficionado

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Chess typeHilfeFinishedTournament nameStakes (Playmoney)Thinking timeHilfePlayerHilfeRoundsHilfeColorHilfesortZeitsortEinsatz
Details Normal chess2013-06-01 20:16:57Marzo 20132.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201306012016572
Details Normal chess2013-06-05 19:05:12Aficionados2.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201306051905122
Details Normal chess2013-05-30 10:36:42MikeFs5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201305301036425
Details Normal chess2013-07-11 17:04:39Rexs7.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201307111704397
Details Normal chess2013-07-26 15:48:54Levs5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201307261548545
Details Normal chess2013-09-16 15:53:10bishops6.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201309161553106
Details Normal chess2013-08-24 00:37:30Sarrers8.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?20130824037308
Details Normal chess2013-12-24 14:33:06Levs7.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201312241433067
Details Normal chess2014-01-31 18:09:02BuchnerFs5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201401311809025
Details Normal chess2014-06-26 14:28:36Jabbas6.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201406261428366
Details Normal chess2014-09-03 00:08:52Nightmares9.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?20140903008529
Details Normal chess2014-08-18 17:08:48bishops9.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201408181708489
Details Normal chess2014-08-21 18:48:36Treppners10.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves31?2014082118483610
Details Normal chess2014-11-10 20:41:35Julies5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201411102041355
Details Normal chess2015-02-04 13:09:05ballers6.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201502041309056
Details Normal chess2015-02-13 18:29:13Frankfurters7.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201502131829137
Details Normal chess2015-04-09 16:45:00sahins9.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201504091645009
Details Normal chess2015-08-16 12:40:40Aficionados5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201508161240405
Details Normal chess2016-01-26 16:32:39quickies9.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201601261632399
Details Normal chess2017-08-28 18:25:15Bauernopfers7.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201708281825157
Details Normal chess2017-09-09 19:28:42Clarks6.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves71?201709091928426
Details Normal chess2018-04-04 18:48:22FrankPs7.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201804041848227
Details Normal chess2019-05-14 14:48:48Schachners6.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves31?201905141448486
Details Normal chess2019-07-05 18:08:43bluescreens5.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201907051808435
Details Normal chess2019-12-28 11:57:01Rexs10.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves31?2019122811570110
Details Normal chess2019-12-30 19:04:37grauBalls7.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves51?201912301904377
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