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Finished tournaments for playmoney with Ayuu

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Chess typeHilfeFinishedTournament nameStakes (Playmoney)Thinking timeHilfePlayerHilfeRoundsHilfeColorHilfesortZeitsortEinsatz
Details Normal chess2013-12-01 22:45:05Jabbas8.00Quick chess: 5 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201312012245058
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 12:05:25Treppners9.00Quick chess: 20 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201312021205259
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 21:41:53romans9.00Quick chess: 5 minutes21W201312022141539
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 12:00:57Eddys10.00Quick chess: 5 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?2013120212005710
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 12:17:41Julies7.00Quick chess: 5 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21W201312021217417
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 12:30:16Ayuus5.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21?201312021230165
Details Normal chess2013-12-01 23:11:50Laras9.00Quick chess: 30 minutes21?201312012311509
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 22:18:08Ralles5.00Quick chess: 30 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201312022218085
Details Normal chess2013-12-01 23:22:01Eddys7.00Quick chess: 10 minutes + 10 Sec/Move21?201312012322017
Details Normal chess2013-12-01 23:32:37Ayuus10.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21?2013120123323710
Details Normal chess2013-12-01 23:48:29Bauernopfers7.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21?201312012348297
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 00:03:08Ayuus8.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21?20131202003088
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 12:43:35Sarrers9.00Quick chess: 5 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201312021243359
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 13:15:07Ayuus5.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21?201312021315075
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 13:25:29quickies6.00Quick chess: 20 minutes21?201312021325296
Details Normal chess2013-12-02 13:44:34Ayuus5.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21?201312021344345
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