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Finished tournaments for playmoney with dimadilex

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Chess typeHilfeFinishedTournament nameStakes (Playmoney)Thinking timeHilfePlayerHilfeRoundsHilfeColorHilfesortZeitsortEinsatz
Details Normal chess2013-12-13 15:21:28Janinas9.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21?201312131521289
Details Normal chess2013-12-13 19:12:52Jonnys5.00Quick chess: 20 minutes + 10 Sec/Move21?201312131912525
Details Normal chess2013-12-13 17:29:38Bauernopfers5.00Quick chess: 30 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201312131729385
Details Normal chess2013-12-26 23:31:02MikeFs5.00Correspondence chess: 10 days for 10 moves21?201312262331025
Details Normal chess2013-12-11 15:16:20chens6.00Quick chess: 20 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21W201312111516206
Details Normal chess2013-12-13 16:25:43dimadilexs9.00Quick chess: 30 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21B201312131625439
Details Normal chess2013-12-11 19:53:49bishops8.00Quick chess: 30 minutes21W201312111953498
Details Normal chess2013-12-13 15:03:55Bauernopfers9.00Quick chess: 30 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21W201312131503559
Details Normal chess2013-12-14 13:17:16dimadilexs9.00Quick chess: 30 minutes21B201312141317169
Details Normal chess2013-12-14 11:47:31Eddys9.00Quick chess: 10 minutes + 10 Sec/Move21?201312141147319
Details Normal chess2013-12-14 12:30:32dimadilexs9.00Quick chess: 30 minutes21B201312141230329
Details Normal chess2013-12-14 12:13:16dimadilexs9.00Quick chess: 30 minutes21B201312141213169
Details Normal chess2013-12-14 15:00:48Kuddls6.00Quick chess: 20 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201312141500486
Details Normal chess2013-12-15 09:37:38romans10.00Quick chess: 20 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201312159373810
Details Normal chess2013-12-15 20:31:10RookMoves5.00Quick chess: 30 minutes + 10 Sec/Move21?201312152031105
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